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    Monthly X amœba

    Everything in the world tends to rely on something else. – Ray Eames

    Monthly , Korea's only comprehensive design magazine, has a special partner. Amoeba, a UX design company that has been on the back cover of the monthly since 2010. This year's Busan Design Week introduces some of the graphics of those who peaked every month with unique concepts and beautiful visuals. We introduce the highlights of design media and design companies' special companions for 14 years.

  • “Busanseureoum”

    ‘Design by 83’ positively reinterprets the interpretation of the noisy and chaotic situation as the COVID-19 situation unravels, starting with concerns about Busan's regional identity

    design by 83

    Min-Suk, Kim(Spatial Director)
    Dongseo University
    Plan. B
    Resume Design

    dong-hyun, Nam(Spatial Director)
    Dongseo University
    The graduate school of Design Dongseo
    Urien Design Firm

    Chan-Un, Park(Spatial Director)
    Dongseo University
    The graduate school of Design Dongseo

    This year marks the third Busan Design Week. If we were to pick the advantage of Busan, we don't think we can leave the sea. Busan is a city that attracts many tourists (including local) in summer, centering on the sea of Haeundae and Gwangalli, which are close to BEXCO. we'll show you local beauty by expressing the intuitive parts that can show these advantages. In addition, we planned a playground where people who come to see Busan Design Week can enjoy cool and comfortable with the physical properties, lighting colors, and layout of materials different from the existing exhibition.


    BEOMSEOK CHAE Design Archive

    BEOMSEOK CHAE(Furniture Designer, Objet Designer)

    Designer Beomseok Chae, who is creating furniture as experimental objects with a futuristic form in the near future, designs functional objects based on industrial design. Setting a unique worldview based on a near-futuristic form called "POST-COLLAPSE," the designer creates furniture and objects that would exist within that context.