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Design Workshop

Design workshop for university students and graduate students
majoring in design, focusing on the keyword 'sustainability'

Attila Veress

  • Product Designer
  • Creative Director, Luce Di Carrara
  • Lecturer, IED(Istituto Europeo di Design)
  • Speaker, Busan Global Design Forum 2023

“The most interesting thing about this workshop is that it can be based on the actual needs surrounding the existing brand, Luce Di Carrera.”

The workshop is based on the key word – ‘Sustainability’.
It's related to the brand that Attila is currently working on so that it is not just focused on design theory or hypothesis.

<Stone & Sustainability>

  • DATE : 24th June (Sat), 2023
  • VENUE : Exhibition Center 2, BEXCO | Busan, Korea
  • TIME : 14:00 – 16:00 (2 hours)
  • FACILITATOR : Attila Veress
  • AVAILABLE SLOTS : 15 slots in total
  • * An official certificate for the participation is going to be issued by IED.
  • 1. University students or graduate students majoring in design who can communicate in English
  • 2. Those who can visit Busan Design Week 2023
  • * Please note that there is no interpretation for the workshop
  • * Workshop will be conducted through pre-registration.